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30 March 1954, The boxes of supplies and equipment (a total 13 tons) are loaded onto the motor vessel Asia in Genoa. The mountaineers and scientists leave at different times. They will meet between Rawalpindi and Skardu at the end of April.
30 April, Ardito Desio, Erich Abram and the cameramen Mario Fantini and Tom Hormann carry out a reconnaissance flight around K2 on board a DC3 plane.
30 April-29 May, Approach march to base camp.
25 May, Bonatti, Gallotti, Lacedelli and Puchoz leave to scout the area of the first two high camps of the Americans. Four days later, Compagnoni and Rey establish camp III at 6,200 metres.
30 May, 63 porters leave with provisions for camp I, at 5,400 metres. The next day the whole team of mountaineers meet at base camp. All the baggage has arrived at last.
14 June, Compagnoni and Rey reach the site of Camp IV, at 6,450 metres, below the Bill House Chimney. The camp is set up and stocked with supplies two days later.
21 June, during a raging snowstorm Mario Puchoz contracts pulmonary oedema and dies at one o'clock in the morning at camp II (5,600 m). His companions only manage to take his body down to the valley on the 26th, when the weather improves, and bury him in the place where the "Gilkey Memorial" stands to day.
30 June, Rey and Compagnoni climb the Bill House Chimney and reach the site of camp V, at 6,650 metres. Compagnoni, Abram and Gallotti climb to pitch a tent there on 14 July.
16 July, Abram and Gallotti prepare the route to the place where camp VI will be established in the following days at 7,300 metres. During the next few days the rope-teams Compagnoni-Rey and Lacedelli-Bonatti prepare the route to the 'Shoulder' of K2.They reach the place where camp VII will be set up, at 7,500 metres. In the following days camp VI is moved 100 metres uphill for safety reasons.
25 July, Gallotti, Bonatti and Abram set up camp VI.
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The Scoiattoli return home
Preparations are underway to leave K2 BC
Brief comments, times and photos about the 6 Scoiattoli who reached he summit of K2
Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini at Base Camp!
Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini at Camp 2
A weak ridge is situated over Afghanistan. It may at times affect the K2-area during the first days giving only risk of occasional showers. Then it seems to become more unsettled with frequent showers due to lows over Kashmir and Tibet.

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