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29 July,
Bonatti and Gallotti climb to camp VIII with two oxygen masks, one tent and a supply of provisions. Abram and Rey, who are carrying the frames and oxygen bottles, are unable to keep up with them, Abram returns to camp VII and Rey goes to base camp. Lacedelli and Compagnoni attempt to climb to the site of camp IX, but return to camp VIII exhausted after leaving the equipment at the highest point reached so far. In the evening it is decided that Bonatti and Gallotti will go down to camp VII the next day and get the oxygen bottles, while Compagnoni and Lacedelli set up camp IX 100 metres lower than planned to favour the supply of provisions.
4 Scoiattoli at Camp 4, 2 at Camp 3
Davide Alberti is fine and has reached BC. Marco Sala is about to reach ABC. Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini are close to Camp 3. Mario Dibona, Renato Sottsass, Marco Da Pozzo and Renzo Benedetti are resting at Camp 4, tomorrow could be their summit day.
Base Camp K2 - Monday 26 July 2004
Davide Alberti returned to BC at 15.30, and is fine. Marco Sala is currently descending to ABC. Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini are close to the tents at Camp 3.

All is fine at Camp 4, and the four team members of the first group - Mario Dibona, Renato Sottsass, Marco Da Pozzo and Renzo Benedetti - and resting and recuperating their strength. Tomorrow could be their summit day!

Giuseppe Ghedina

First group
Marco Da Pozzo, Mario Dibona, Renato Sottsass, Renzo Benedetti, 4 high altitude porters, 2 high altitude porters: Dr. Johannes Blaser and the mountain guide Michel Andre Wirdt.

Second group
Mario Lacedelli, Luciano Zardini 3 high altitude porters, 3 high altitude porters: Kari Kobler leader of the expedition, Daniel Surchat and Jöelle Brupbacher, the only female team member.

Photo: Looking towards K2... (ph Giuseppe Ghedina).

Portfolio "Trekking Approach"
Portfolio "Ascent"

The Scoiattoli return home
Preparations are underway to leave K2 BC
Brief comments, times and photos about the 6 Scoiattoli who reached he summit of K2
Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini at Base Camp!
Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini at Camp 2
A weak ridge is situated over Afghanistan. It may at times affect the K2-area during the first days giving only risk of occasional showers. Then it seems to become more unsettled with frequent showers due to lows over Kashmir and Tibet.

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