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1-3 August,
All mountaineers return to base camp.
Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini at Base Camp!
The Scoattoli K2 adventure has now finally finished, in the best possible way. Mario Lacedelli (highly emotional) and Luciano Zardini have returned to BC after having reached the summit on Wednesday 28 July, and 5 nights (the final 2 at Camp 4 and 2) on the mountain. As we speak they are eating together with the other expedition members. Renzo Benedetti was transported to Skardu by helicopter this morning.
Friday 30 July 2004 - Base Camp K2
All are at Base Camp ! This morning Stefano Dibona, Marco Anghileri and I made a final effort and climbed up the tiring section from BC to ABC to greet Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini, returning from the summit and 5 long nioghts on the mountain.

Now we're reunited once again at BC and we can finally celebrate: Mario and Luciano are still extremely tired and incredulous. The others, who have had time to rest, are beginning to forget the difficult moments and, slowly but surely, remember and recount their adventure.

Renzo Benedetti is safe too: a helicopter picked him up and took him to Skardu, tomorrow he'll fly to Islamabad and soon he'll return to Italy.

After these few but essential days of good weather granbted to us to reach the summit, the clouds have once again closed in, like the curtain at the end of a spectacle, hiding these majestic mountains. Out eyes now turn towards the valley, our thoughts homewards, to our Dolomites!

A big hug from and to all
Giuseppe Ghedina

Photo: Mario, Alberta and Lino Lacedelli at BC (ph Giuseppe Ghedina).

The ascent: Scoiattoli 2004 and the 1954 Expedition

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The Scoiattoli return home
Preparations are underway to leave K2 BC
Brief comments, times and photos about the 6 Scoiattoli who reached he summit of K2
Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini at Base Camp!
Mario Lacedelli and Luciano Zardini at Camp 2
A weak ridge is situated over Afghanistan. It may at times affect the K2-area during the first days giving only risk of occasional showers. Then it seems to become more unsettled with frequent showers due to lows over Kashmir and Tibet.

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